About Pyramide Europe and Pyramide Nordic

Pyramide Europe is a cooperation organization which safeguards photographers and other visual creator’s interests in relation to the European Community. Pyramide Europe lobbies directly with the European commission on matters affecting these groups. The Chairmanship and Secretariat is administrated through the Pyramide Nordic cooperation. The Chairman is Bosse Fagerström from Finnfoto and the secretariat is administrated by the Swedish Photographers Association. Pyramide Europe is associated member of International Federation of Reproduction Rights, Ifrro.

Pyramide Nordic’s main agenda is to follow up, implement and influence the directives made by the European Community which affect photographers and visual creators working field. It can concern the various European Communities directives on copyright and competition. It can also concern freedom of speech and public disclosure.

The main ambition is for all the European Communities countries to join and become active members of Pyramide Europe.

link: Pyramide Europe